2015 Ford Bronco – Concept, design,engine,release date and price

The initial generation of this stylish SUV has become part of manufacturing in the year 1966, and share a system with the Ford Falcon and Mustang. The automaker has launched the production of this motor vehicle to be clear for International Jeep that created the comparable cars.

Production of the second generation was launched in 1978 and lasted until 1996. The second generation of this SUV has shared the system with the model F -150.

A couple of years ago , there was a 2004 Ford Bronco Concept, which included a retro design, however , this model has not really participated in the production . However, the new 2015 Ford Bronco concept should show quickly in international markets.

bronco concept 02 610x372

Ford Bronco was one of Ford manufacturing, which occupied part of the 90 dealerships in Venezuela and other countries. Bronco has already started from their promotional task and there are some images of how it will look. Be inspired by those who love to travel regularly but seeks style and comfort as well as being challenging and powerful. Bronco certainly be advertised, and some of the photos had now begun to be scattered everywhere.

Design and style

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The 2015 Ford Bronco possibly carry bunches of design changes. However, the U.S. producer car still kept secret all the changes associated with this vehicle. Based on some reports, this rare sport utility vehicle is certainly based on the exact same body as the prime, F -150.


The new model will be created on the platform of the all-new Ford Explorer platform or Ford Ranger. In the market, this model could be an exceptional model like the Jeep Wrangler and Toyota FJ Cruiser rival.

Compliance with spy photos available on the Internet, this new design will have a prominent and famous square design lights fronts in the round shape. In addition, the grill will be entirely made ​​of chrome bars with 3 analog.

Engine and performance

2015 Ford Bronco Engine System 610x405

Electric motor selection for the new Ford Bronco is the 3.5 L Ecoboost, 5.0 L and 4.5 diesel motors. No term on the facts but could probably indicate a variation that uses SVT 5.0 L and possibly some excitement as the Honda FOX Raptor.

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Release date and price

It is not known for certain, the date of its release. There are many rumors but will definitely be between 2014 and 2015. The manufacturer does not talk about price, but probably will not be eligible for any buyer as it is a vehicle with high standards and hard to compete with already positioned and valuable items.

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Market Forecast 2015 Ford Bronco

In any scenario, if a Bronco appear in the next few years, we assume that possibly not be a classic vehicle as suggesting Bronco Honda ran out back in 2004 and Ford designers do not seem to be too traditional today. 2015 Ford Bronco would be awesome to have some sort of competition for Car Vehicle Wrangler and FJ Cruiser Chevy.

The needs of today’s SUVs extend their purpose, and gives customers a lot of fun and a bonus, show the direction in which the future version of this model will be developed . In addition to the appearance and aggressive drive capacity, it is expected that the new Bronco would be a fantastic family vehicle.

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    As i have 1975 i am restoring i would sure buy one of these i hope they put this in production as my family has blue oval veins

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